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Looking Back

2013-09-15 18:39:46 by BowlofRice

Looking back at all my old posts..... I'm surprised I haven't been sent to the loony bin. I apologize if I caused concern, and after that.... I revoke my apology because I don't know any of you.

Looking Back

Anyone with artistic talent

2013-09-10 13:47:02 by BowlofRice

I'm looking for someone to team up with and make a graphic novel! PM ME DARN YOU!!!!

Attention all artists!

2013-06-05 02:04:25 by BowlofRice

I am wanting to start a graphic novel, and am in need of a kick butt artist! I'm gunna post shit in the forum, but message me if interested.

Boredom at its Finest

2013-06-03 00:55:03 by BowlofRice

What do you do when your bored?

Look Out

2013-05-28 02:48:04 by BowlofRice

I've decided that I'm tired of major religions... I'm just gunna make my own and call it Apeiria Gnosis. A religion about Knowledge... Unheard of... I know.


2013-05-23 03:33:22 by BowlofRice

I'm looking for animators, specifically one that is experienced in 8-bit style retro games!

I'm back!

2013-05-21 22:11:16 by BowlofRice

Been gone for a while, here I am! To ruin your day... Your Welcome!

Fuck today

2011-11-08 00:09:14 by BowlofRice

Went to work, got home, got bitched at allllllll godamn day, 9 o'clock at night, frigin someone decides to clean.... who the fuck cleans at 9 at night??


2011-10-27 01:24:12 by BowlofRice

I needs me some opinions on these doodles for a tattoo I'm designing. Here's one of them, the others will be in my Art section... or whatever you call it.



2011-05-03 20:57:47 by BowlofRice

It says I'm not scouted on my art pieces, but it still let's me have the option of scouting others?? I'm confused.